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  • Fitness model looking down wearing the bohemian arrow fitness headband.
  • Fitness model looking to her side wearing the bohemian arrow fitness headband.
  • Bohemian Arrow Headband
  • Rear view of the bohemian arrow fitness headband
  • Blonde fitness model wearing bohemian arrow fitness headband

Bohemian Arrow Headband

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Handcrafted to perfection, our Bohemian Arrow headband is a unique combination of fashion, comfort, and wicking ability. This go-to accessory will keep the glistening in check and have you looking fabulous on your run, doing a WOD, at yoga class or out with friends. Wear it with your hair up for a sleek, sporty look, or fit it over your locks as a color popping accessory. lt's for the trailblazing girl who knows where she's going, get's it done, and looks gorgeous doing it.

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