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About Us

Fitness Model Wearing Mint Floral Turband Fitness Headband

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My mom runs a successful montessori school, my sister founded a widely popular home decor shop, and my dad, at age 56, left corporate america and built a world class crossfit gym from the ground up. Their drive and determination inspires me to forge ahead in the pursuit of my dreams, no matter the obstacle. However, until very recently, my dreams have not included running my own business. Initially, I started this headband company, not for the purpose of expressing my inner entrepreneur, (although I do think it's in there somewhere) but as a way to help my dad with his venture. As I watched him put body and soul into the gym, I wanted to contribute in some way. I decided to put my design background to work and create the perfect headband that would be both fashionable and functional. 

After many MANY hours of experimenting with different fabrics, unjamming the sewing machine, choosing elastics, measuring and remeasuring, hating the result, starting over, ordering new fabric, having my husband model the headband for the 89th time, cutting and resewing, we have finally created what we feel is the perfect fitness headband. Our product has been very well received, and I'm loving the process of putting something out into the world that is beautiful and functional. We are located in beautiful Utah Valley where we carefully sew every headband, package them up with care and send them off to their fabulous new owner.

We hope you feel lovely and see many victories wearing your fitness headbands.

Much love,

Brittney and Dave Healey


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